We are asked on a daily basis if we offer custom orders and our response is always...

To an extent yes!  Please look on the shop as you may find that we already have what you are looking for.  If not we are happy to alter the colour combinations of our items and the proportions of each colour.  If you see the fur on another item I can make your item using that colour.  I can add a variety of coloured ribbons to enhance your tail.  My basic tail price is £26.50 for a solid colour, £28.50 for a tail with a tip, £32.00 for a tail with a ring, £34.00 for two rings. 

My ears are made in my own seductress style which you will see listed on the store.  They can be made in a solid colour or with a contrasting outer and inner ear for a price of £24.99.  I can add a flash of colour to the inner ear and tri coloured ears are priced at £28.00.  I am unable to imitate the ears you may see in other shops this would not be right.  Please be respectful of other shops and do not send me a picture of other peoples ears and ask if I can make them.  I can craft the seductress ears slightly larger or smaller if desired and add embellishments such as bows or sparkle which will attract an additional charge.  I can also trim and thin the fur to the length you desire. 

Custom orders will be listed on the shop with a code I provide to enable you to identify the item and make purchase.  The order will only be made once paid for in full and no discount can be offered for multiple item requests.    We will work closely with you to fulfil your request however ultimately you need to accept that your custom order is our interpretation of your vision.  Obviously we are unable to provide a visual of the finished product due to the nature of a 'custom' order.  

Once completed pictures of custom orders may be used on our social media pages to show case our work, made available for sale on our store and replicated exactly or adapted as requested by others.

Please do not hesitate to contact us direct to discuss your requirements.  We will do everything possible to fulfil your request.